I haven't been receiving treatment for very long, but I've seen HUGE results.  I've dealt with back pain for over 4 years and was at a point where I felt that I always would.  The first visit I was told what I could expect from treatment, and am happy to say that it has all come to pass.  I am no longer in constant , day-to-day pain and know it's from the therapy I received from Dr. Mora.

Tyler  6/8/17


I highly recommend Ascend Sports & Ortho Physical Therapy.  I am a CrossFit athlete who usually works out about 12 hours a week, but I had been suffering from a hamstring injury that left me with chronic pain for 8+ months.  Not only could I not workout like I wanted, but the pain was impacting my day-to-day life.  Working with Ascend has gotten me to the place  I am now, pain free.  I am squatting deeper than ever, and my max lifts have gone up 10%.  The service I received was professional, personal, and kind.  I also gained an understanding of what caused the injury, and how I can help myself continue to heal.

Jessica  6/10/17



I've been working with Dr. Mora from Ascend Sports PT for a couple months now on a shoulder injury I picked up about 10 years ago, and have had several re-injuries over the years.  Dr. Mora has been able to help me regain the lost range of motion, and has also helped me understand the mechanics of my shoulder.

David  6/15/17

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